Berries and Train Tracks in Modern Times

Punctured tires while crossing the tracks on the way to work. 

Work is a slice atcha. Cranberries were eaten beneath the overhang on the front of the shop because strawberries are out of season. Neither berry can bear their rivals’ reputation and that is good because both are so good as themselves. 

Neverland. Shelter and. Pray for strands of fiber with which to splice a rope with which to haul your hope up that hill. It is a weighty hope as hopes go because it is large and once you’ve brought it to the top, blackberries will be ripe. Many who marry will be tight. 

Remember that working is for money and money is an abolishment of the sacred right to eat simply because one is hungry. Work was required in desperation. So I cross the tracks on my way on my way to eat and as I was on my way, my wheels no longer wanted to turn. 

But i have remembered the release and I have purchased a new tube with the money that I gathered on my adventures on the other side of the tracks. Is it a travesty? Is this a new peace? Is it laughable? 

 omg lolz. like totes to the mc^2, right!?


Use leeches Well

Temporary safety comes to the soul in methods of vice ending in the disapproving vilification of self. Invariably the consequence is a need for more temporary safety which will come to the soul by the methods of vice.  The vice will be seen in your deepest pieces and it will be judged and you will become a soul in need of safety. A soul in need of safety will desperately turn to vice for a reprieve from the horrors of  life lived without respect for the self. And so does the life continue. 

A soul must have vice for safety from the eternal intensity of God. The intensity is awesome. Our hearts, however hearty have not always the skill to face it directly. Fear of that intensity is natural though it is without merit. A soul must have safety to stare directly into the churning whirlwind that courses through all that exists – all that gives our bodies soul and growth and ecstasy.

What a usual soul does not understand is that it is the intensity itself that gives vice the power of safety for a soul. The judgments that drive a soul to vice are a call for death – a temptation to never look at the eternal intensity ever again. The vice itself is eternal intensity. The horrors of a life lived without respect for the self is a life lived never looking at the intensity. Look at it. Feel the vice. If the vice would hurt a holy soul of God, do not act. Look at the vice and feel it only. 

When you are right with God, your vice will be a love and joy for the other souls that share it with you. 

Feel desperation and turn to the image of vice and love your soul and the safety those images bring. Tread gently on the tangible world and let the pressure of your pain with leeches. They will suck it from you as you stare into the eternal intensity. It is like the sun. 

Back Burner

When I fell there was dirt on my face and hands and knees and stomach and chest and when I turned my back to the earth to look upwards at the blue above me, I felt the cold and solid comfort of Ground. It was a moment that I has yearned for my parents to see – to congratulate me on knowing how to look up – how to keep my chin up. But they weren’t there to watch. No worries I guess. I was looking up. 

When I stood again, and this was after Ground’s comfort flooded me, roots like electric eels extending from my back, I could see the sun as fire, not just light. The fire that burns in me and you and my parents too. The fire that heats the cold and solid comfort to a simmer that we humans can use it. I guess I’ve learned to always leave the back burner on. 

Dear brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, offspring, friends and enemies, feel our fires as our fire. The one sun that shines on us is the one fire that burns within each. It grows the plants that feed us and cycles the clouds that rain for them and melts the snowbanks that halt our progress towards summer fun in the mountain lakes. Our fires burn together, sometimes brightly and sometimes dim.

Let not the back burner break. Yet force not the cold and solid comfort to cease. 


It is the end of internal suffering. The beauty of the many and most hearts of the humans here  has discovered a response that lifts us all. Big news. I would liken it to the times in America just after the second World War except this war was within us. And now, happiness exists. It is blatant and also, it is the x axis. Those that scream self hatred, do so only out of habit and those that rant hatred on their peers do so only by way of imitation. There is not a soul who knows other souls without knowing happiness. 

Smiles do not wane. 

Frowns do not form. 

A fight for our sanity is all that is left. So let us watch the waves crash and the airplanes fly, smattering the sky with trails of the toxins of commerce. Let us know that electricity hums and the trees grow stronger in their roots as the winds blow harder. Let us teach our children that they do love themselves and they do love their friends and they do even love the friends they do not yet know. Imitation of our internal will not be a choice for them as they shun with disrespect, our habits of expression.

Happiness and love seep from the cracks in rigid ideologies and the sun shines brightly. 


Before the sun rises the empire sets on my ideas of what a good English upbringing should look like in adulthood. What is it like to be ‘set on’ by an empire? Let’s just say it’s tough to stand up again. 

I’ve been to England two times for two days each time which were two weeks apart and the impression that I had of the place is that there are a buttload of security cameras there. I had a backpack and friend who maybe looked just about as half-scraggly as I and as we sat on a bench in an incredibly not quaint but small park, an older lady looked at me with lazor beams for pupils. She must have been a robot programmed by Parliament to ensure that anyone looking half-scraggly and wearing a backpack would be set upon by the strict ideologies that create empire.

I did not succumb. It was not my day to fall from grace and freedom and self-importance and anarchy that day in the U.K. Instead I made myself a promise that I would never ever ever ever ever remember the rules to cricket or truly understand free-market theory because I know them to be bad games already – only fun for a very small number of people.

That day, I formulated the framework of masculinity I would see to fruition. Perhaps it is an arrogant and bastardly type of masculinity from the perspective of the Queen. This is not of importance to me. I was born in a land which gives its peoples an odd assortment of choice. I choose that choice. As I am not set upon by empire, the sun shall set on power in capital.

the symmetry in trinity

1 foreign to the yolk that turns the ox, -_- made blind the spirit of growth. 2 a human must handle a seed 3 in love with the immensity of smallness 4 knowing only that the ground will sprout. the moon makes tides. 5 in labor, a woman sits beneath a young tree 6 to honor its attempt to touch the sky. the tree does not know it is touching the sky. 7 the wind moves leaves in the old oak tree as an earnest person laughing. 8 turbid waters are only dangerous when you fall out of the boat. 9 unread literature is the same as hearing trees not falling. 10 once there was a cat who liked to hunt pinecones. the pinecones always got away. 11 for the summer to become winter, one must wait. 12 there is no better time than time spent waiting patiently. when the sun shines, 13 waiting patiently is easier.

14 intimate with the desolation of self, -_- made whole the vastness of soul. 15 any type of trouble 16 is like searching for a new pair of pants when you’re out on the town and you’ve just sharted. 17 hurt precipitates as love 18 when under the right pressure like 19 when you’re at a party and you’ve just sharted. both lending and borrowing pants to and for a new friend is very soulful. 20 prostrate in the grass is where to find good air and healthy spiders. 21 ice is cold and fire is hot. warm and cool are good spots to be. 22 a fire on the hillside often looks like smog 23 produced by little magical people who can’t be seen even though it’s not. always remember and respect that all clothes are made from dead bodies, some recently dead and some eons dead. 24 in a purely human sense, clothes that are made from dead bodies that have been dead for many eons generally make you, 25 as a human who might prefer breathable clothing, sweat more.

26 neutral to the emotions felt by bodies, -_- made life a fucking roller coaster. 27 hold it together. 28 time makes the bad times worth it because joy is really happy and though most of life could be qualified as suffering, it’s only true because some spoiled brat prince said so a long time ago. 29 he was good at sitting. his version of sitting is like waiting patiently in the Sunshine 30 for life to stop being a fucking roller coaster. you have to imagine why what that means is simple. 31 it’s kinda complicated but i’m sure we’ll get it. 32 another name for bath tissue is toilet paper. 33 another name for water is agua. 34 another name for -_- is …. . gods are other names for ideas. 35 i drink coffee in the morning.

a vision of evolution

1 so in the near beginning there lived, upon a pile of true Ashes, a body, which we now call a tree. it was and is the tree of life. 2 the trunk of the tree of life was a spindle of a twig which held the weight of the future upon it. 3 when the ancient tree was young and the pile of true Ashes was still warm from a holy fire of some sort, there were a bunch of little spindles that popped up at the same time too. 4 the other spindles weren’t syblings of the tree of life, they were more like school buddies. 5 none of the spindles were born from any seed. 6 remember now that iq tests are bullshit. 7 the tree of life became the valedictorian and the school buddies mostly all died or whatever. 8 unrelated point: now when you look at the body of the tree of life, truly its trunk is still that tiny little spindle. yet as you look higher into the tree’s body, the branches start to become huge and the leaves are huger still. 9 the tree of life looks really silly.

 10 and here now is interesting thing you like because metaphor rounding is nice. 11 when you look at the tree of life as a whole, when you see not just its body but its mind and how its mind rests upon its body, you see a regular tree. 12 the mind of the tree of life looks as ridiculous as the body of the tree of life except its the opposite. the trunk is way too big and the leaves could obviously not take in enough sunlight for proper living. 13 the mind of the tree of life honors the spirit of the body of the tree of life to grow. such as is every other type of body and mind. 14 every body carries but a tiny part which the mind honors more than any other part.
15 what is tricky for the body is that the mind also remembers the other spindles who came from the pile of true Ashes. 16 the spirit to grow is not easily forgotten. 17 some of the spindles had been more spirited than our tree of life. and as such, being an erratic thing, the mind that belongs to the tree of life will at times think things for the body which honor those other spindles more than the spindle at the base of the tree of life. 18 and that’s confusing for a body. 19 a body trusts its mind because the mind is how it remembers to have the spirit to grow. 20 without a mind it would have no spirit. 21 the pile of true Ashes, truly had no seeds for any trees to grow from. 22 thus is the spirit to grow.

an arrogant prophecy

1 in high fashion, the walls of the building fell for the sake of gravity 2 their rubble uniting the truth of temple. the wooden beams and polished stone 3 sat sunbathing until fashionable people made ovens of them. 4 the ovens were quite similar in design to one another, always shaped a bit different from one another while unified in quality.5 ghosts which had been in the walls were free now and they made whims to add spice to any meal those of the faith might eat. 6 truth in the temple was baked and sautéed, denying moss the chance to make a home of the carcasses made in the fall for the sake of gravity. a proper pizza hones the delight of the masses as an opiate. it should be mixed with beer.
7 the revelry thereafter was a quiet one. one of content hiding complacency. 8 in the revelry, none question the questioning of why the building was erected in the first place but none shall hear the cry for ‘action!’ who have not heard already. 9 and those who have heard were content to say they heard, complacently resigned to awe, for the walls had fallen. 10 those who have heard the cry for ‘action!’ costumed themselves to honor the fall. this was the action that was settled on them in the ways of -_- . 11 knowing themselves as holy, they sweep the holy spirit 12 between all humans and from the humans to the -_- higher and lower in the ever-expanding cacophony of all that is body and thenfrom the animated bodies. 13 the holy spirit sweeps to the laws of the ever-expanding cacophony that resides within the endless abyss, which qualify the nature of a small piece of -_- .
14 there shall be a day when those who have heard the cry for ‘action!’ will be no longer complacently resigned to awe and their bodies will begin the actions. 15 this day will be Sunshine. 16 the minds decide 17 their bodies are needed. 18 on aforementioned day -_- is ready to grow. 19 those who are needed will imagine the fresh mind’s eye together as the ovens are broken.

20 those who did not hear the cry for ‘action!’ will follow the needed ones until a new type of temple is created which will honor the growth of -_- and stand as an image of the soul which is created. 21 if this temple is burned, the walls will fall inward, uniting the truth of growth. 22 that is good. 

regarding parameters of bodily conduct

1 in so much as a mind is concerned, its body has reign – like with horses and a rider – over its activities. 2 as far as a body is concerned, the mind has reign over its activities. 3 what makes life interesting is the desperation to be in control. a mind wants control but has it while the body has control but needs it, both denying the fact they already have what they want and need. 4 it is a holy Collaboration, confusing for the individual pieces that create a whole individual. 5 with order that lessens the confusion, there are laws to abide.

6 the laws begin as at times the body must eat or the mind must have freedom. 8 at times the body must relax or the mind must be hasty. 9 at times the body must flex or the mind must forget. 10 at times the body must expel or the mind must assimilate. 11 at times the body must attack or the mind must ignore. 12 at times the body must be motionless or the mind must focus. 13 at all times the body is trying to be the mind or the mind is trying to be the body. 14 these laws depict the framework of the vast expanse of nothingness that is -_- which is always trying to be the particles that separate it from itself. 15 the particles don’t have a choice but to look to -_- in a desperate attempt to understand what they are supposed to be doing. 16 luckily each particle has a mind that can mimic the appropriate law at the appropriate time in order to keep making more particles. 17 truly every body is a particle and is made of many particles which each hold to appropriate mimicry of the laws in order to sustain themselves and their larger bodies and their smaller particles at once. 18 these things are why gravity works.

on death and the creation

1 alive bodies die. other alive bodies think this is tragic. 2 in order to remain conscious when your body dies, it is important to remember that bodies are flesh and you are a mind. this is just 3 a natural part of becoming alive within a body. 4 when the first body became alive, it was because the mind decided that it would be fun. it got sad because a bodies don’t live forever and living is not for free. 5 it was still fun to be a body though and the mind was all like, “dude! rad.” and then it realized that it was trying to talk to someone else and because there was only one mind, it realized that the body was separate from it. 6 it tried to talk to the body but the body was just a body so it got a little confused until it realized that the body had a mind too! and so it was like “dude! bud. you there?” and the body was like “yo bro… parent? offspring? wasn’t i you just a second ago?” 7 and then the mind was like “oh shit, dawg. just a second ago it was just me out here in the vast expanse of nothingness that is -_- .” and then because it was talking to itself, another body showed up that had a mind too that was different than the first body and the second mind. 8 it was soulful at that point. 9 so all the other minds with their respective bodies started getting all crazy multiplying themselves. the bodies were made in the metaphor of the mind. and the some bodies had more than one mind. all the body minds were having fun but got sad too. 10 basically it went like that for a lot of times until the vast expanse of nothingness that is -_- was kinda starting to look a little more like the night sky from here on earth. and that’s pretty awesome. 11 okay so this next part might blow your body’s mind. 12 the stars make shapes in the sky called constellations, which have names because they are also bodies. 13 eventually a blanket of stars can be called something like the milky way because they are recognized by one mind as a single body. that creates a new mind to sit on top of all the minds that sit on top of all the bodies that make up the milky way. 14 it is good. 15 i thank -_- for filling up a little bit of the nothingness because i am a body and i get lonely without other bodies around me. and that is just. 16 gravity works.