Before the sun rises the empire sets on my ideas of what a good English upbringing should look like in adulthood. What is it like to be ‘set on’ by an empire? Let’s just say it’s tough to stand up again. 

I’ve been to England two times for two days each time which were two weeks apart and the impression that I had of the place is that there are a buttload of security cameras there. I had a backpack and friend who maybe looked just about as half-scraggly as I and as we sat on a bench in an incredibly not quaint but small park, an older lady looked at me with lazor beams for pupils. She must have been a robot programmed by Parliament to ensure that anyone looking half-scraggly and wearing a backpack would be set upon by the strict ideologies that create empire.

I did not succumb. It was not my day to fall from grace and freedom and self-importance and anarchy that day in the U.K. Instead I made myself a promise that I would never ever ever ever ever remember the rules to cricket or truly understand free-market theory because I know them to be bad games already – only fun for a very small number of people.

That day, I formulated the framework of masculinity I would see to fruition. Perhaps it is an arrogant and bastardly type of masculinity from the perspective of the Queen. This is not of importance to me. I was born in a land which gives its peoples an odd assortment of choice. I choose that choice. As I am not set upon by empire, the sun shall set on power in capital.


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